New Generations Early Childhood Development Center announced last week that despite consistent effort at maintaining a steady and increasing budget, it is officially closing operations on December 31, 2014.

New Generations has been a non-profit organization since 2002 – the only State-licensed early childcare facility in the Sunriver area - and has continually struggled to keep its doors open. Tuition often doesn’t cover payroll, much less rent, utilities, and supplies.  Support from the community has been huge and has been vital in keeping the Center running as long as it has.  Unfortunately, upon forecasting the budget for next year and beyond, fundraising and tuition were not enough to warrant its continuation.

Andria Donnenwerth, Director of New Generations, added: “The Board of Directors and staff of New Generations are deeply thankful to have been able to serve this community’s families, and are doubly thankful for the support of local businesses through sponsorships and charitable donations.  Although this decision was necessary, we regret the impact on each of you.”

Just over two years ago, the New Generations Board of Directors made the decision to close its doors because of lack of funding. At that time, several parents and community members contributed thousands of dollars and took on Board positions in order to save the school.  Board members contributed countless hours trying to create a sustainable model and to fundraise. Significant research and efforts have cut average operating losses from over $5,500 to less than $4,000 monthly. However, the Center was not able to reduce expenses further while still meeting State licensing requirements.

In addition, Article IV Section 2 of the New Generations By-Laws requires a minimum of six members on the New Generations Board of Directors. New Generations is not able to recruit and keep six Board Members on a continual basis, and has been unable to recruit adequate volunteer support needed to assist in a steady influx of grants necessary for offsetting costs of doing business. Recent fundraising has helped keep the doors open longer, but cannot carry over into 2015.

New Generations will be holding a garage sale at its facility on January 6, 2015 from 12:00 – 4:00 p.m. to sell its remaining school supplies, furniture, and more.  The Center is located at 56840 Venture Lane #7 in the Sunriver Business Park, and staff can be reached at (541) 593-1010.